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Bus Ministry

The Lord has blessed Tiftonia Baptist Church to have a vibrant and exciting bus ministry! Our buses and vans go out into Lookout Valley and several other surrounding areas in Chattanooga and N. Georgia.  Our faithful and dedicated BUS TEAMS currently service about 30 different homes. On average, 3.900 kids a year, are driven to and from our Church safely! Our buses are equipped with seat belts for each passenger and are driven by a CDL-holding driver. And each van is equipped with booster seats as well. We have many kids who have ridden our buses for years! We have literally watched them grow up in our church! And have been blessed to see many of them accept Jesus Christ as their Savior!!


We have a wonderful program for the kids once they arrive! On Wednesdays it is our “Kids for Christ” program, on Sundays its “Junior Church”. After playground time and the opening rally, we divide the kids into age groups, and they go to their classes and get excellent instruction. Though Bible lessons, they are taught extensively about The Lord Jesus Christ! They will also have a great time with fun and games, crafts, songs, snacks and prizes, but our most important mission by far, is that each child will come home knowing more About Jesus Christ, than when they arrived. EVERY SINGLE TIME THEY COME. And possibly even accept and believe on The Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior! There is no more important decision you can make as a parent / guardian, than to allow your child (and your whole family) to be a part of a good solid Bible believing, preaching and teaching Church!

Bus Form

Please complete the short form below to see if you are in our operating area! We are happy to answer any questions you may have as well, just use the comments field below. In most cases, you will get an immediate reply, as this email is monitored 24/7

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